Stacey began her love affair with yoga in 1997 with a VHS tape.

Movement had always come easily, but yoga brought a new kind of focus and feeling. She continued to practice at home and occasionally in a public class until moving to Los Angeles for college in 2001. The floodgates of yoga opened, and Stacey immersed herself in study, completing her teacher training through YogaWorks in 2005.  Her primary teaching influence has been Hala Khouri, who introduced Stacey to a practice called Somatic Experiencing. This technique was developed as an alternative/supplement to traditional talk therapy. Based on the fact that our nervous system and not our “thinking” brain run the show, SE puts people in touch with their felt sense of self and offers simple, sensation-based techniques to re-wire behavioral patterns and trauma to restore a sense of self. This technique, combined with the teachings of Tantra are the foundation of Stacey’s teaching philosophy.

Stacey is also a birth doula, an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and soon-to-be Somatic Sex Educator. She teaches workshops, curates healing programs for women and couples, tends to families in the perinatal period and is the co-founder of Svasta Yoga School, a full-spectrum yoga education program. You can find her online at