Laura is a fierce, fat, feminist yogi obsessed with bringing body-affirming yoga into as many lives as possible. After a rocky start in the world of yoga (ask her about it some time!), she finally found gentle body-affirming yoga and never looked back.

A dedicated practitioner of accessible yoga, Laura is committed to helping folks honor their bodies in each moment through mindfulness, meditation, asana, and the never ending pursuit of self-exploration and self-compassion. She created Radical Body Love Yoga and HoopAsana as tools to heal the relationship between mind and body. The journey is about letting go of the past and being truly in the present, being truly in your body. With Laura, you’ll dive into the world of self-care and self-love by meeting at the intersection of yoga and body-positivity.

If there’s one thing she wants you to know, it’s that every body is a yoga body regardless of size, age, ability, etc! Yoga is truly for everyBODY!

All of Laura’s classes and workshops are rooted in body-love and full of plenty of options to meet your body where it is and lots props for support and stability. She is an E-RYT 200 and is proudly certified by Curvy Yoga, Punk Rock Hoops, and HoopAsana. When not on the mat, you’ll find her filming YouTube videos, crafting, hiking, and watching cat videos on the internet.