Christin has been a dedicated student and practitioner of yoga for
over 25 years. She teaches private sessions, public classes,
workshops and retreats with special regard to the therapeutic side
of yoga, tuning to both the body and the heart.  

Christin also holds a deep devotion to horses and their majestic
ability to teach us what we often resist. For nearly 40 years she
has been a lover, owner and caregiver of these singular beings.
Christin calls herself a horse listener. She designs and facilitates
workshops and retreats for people to experience the depth of their
own heart, power, and humanity through the non judgmental
acceptance, witness and presence of horses. 
Christin is in an intensive training to become a Gestaltist. She will
soon open her own private practice partnering with and without
horses in this realm. 
She is a respected certified partner yoga instructor and has
refined her own partner style called reUnion yoga.
She was the yoga teacher for the Houston Astros Major League
Baseball team for 5 years culminating in their impressive win as
the 2017 World Series winners. 
She splits her time between Houston and Van Vleck, Texas where
she has created a ‘little house’ sanctuary on 2 acres called Hawks
Rest. This ‘out of the city’ space is utilized for overnight retreats to
those seeking a more in depth and personalized experience with
You can read more about The Light Rider on her website: